In the novel, ” Beauty Queens” Written by Libba Bray. She tells the fiction story of 13 Miss Teen Dream contests whose plane crashes on the way to a beauty pageant. The plane crashed on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. Where the girls are left to defend for them self as everyone else […]

Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text(s) Symbolism in the text: Colour, Books, Death Colours: Black: Death always present who tells Liesel’s story – dark figure taking away the life of characters but he is also different. because he not stereotypical he almost preparing people for death because it happens to […]

Who is Rudy? Rudy Steiner is a 10 year old boy who was quite athletic and academic. He is considered to be an ideal German boy as he had Blonde hair and blue eyes. He lives Himmel St with his with his papa who was a tailor and his mother and 5 brothers and sisters. But because […]

In the film “127 hours” directed by Danny Boyle. He portrays the real-life story of Aron Ralston an engineer who spends most of his spare time exploring a remote canyon in Utah, mountaineering, and adventuring. His story is portrayed by James Franco who acts out his traumatic experience when his arm got trapped under a boulder in the […]

In the text, ‘The Book Thief’ Written by Markus Zusak. This book is portrayed by death and represents the life of Liesel Meminger and her love of books. Death portrays to us the story of Liesel a 9-year-old girl living in the era of world war 2.  He talks about her life after her mother […]

“The gravedigger’s handbook”: This book represents to Liesel the last time she saw her brother and mother at the burring of her brother. She took this book as a symbol so that her brother would always be with her because she has nothing else to remember him of. This shows that Liesel is quite symbolic […]

The characterisation in the Book Thief Liesel: Liesel Meminger also known in the book as the book thief because of her love of books. She is a 9-year-old girl but by the end of the book, she is around 15 years of age. Liesel is a strong girl and if she wants something she goes […]

1) Black: Black to me represents 2 main things. One being from a quote in the when Rudy paints himself black with coal and ran around the field so he would be like Jesse Owens.“He (Rudy) smeared the charcoal on, nice and thick, till he was covered in black. Even his hair received a once-over.” p.58 […]

In the autobiography “#Girl Boss” written by Sophia Amoruso. She tells us about her life and how she started a small eBay account selling vintage clothing and now is CEO of nasty gal, a 280 million dollar company. This autobiography portrays to us that if you want something you should get up and get it. […]

Introduction: plot analysis: In the poem “Exposure” written by Wilfred Owen. He using a personification to give the reader the idea that nonhuman objects have human qualities. As shown in the opening lines of the poem. “In merciless iced winds that knife us.” By breaking this sentence down I am able to get a better idea of […]