What has been included? “What passing-bells for those who die as cattle?” Gives the reader the ideas that many important people have died. It is shown in the sentence when it starts off by talking about the passing bells. Passing bell represent that someone has died, who is possible high up or significant in some way, as the […]

The role of the author What can you determine/understand about the writer of this text? He could be a soldier or someone who was involved in the war and is saying goodbye to many soldiers who he most likely knew the people who died in the war. At the bottom of the poem, it has his name […]

“Bent double, like old beggars under sacks, Knocked-kneed, Coughing like hags.” Gives the reader the image of the soldiers in pain. “Bent double” represents the idea of being in pain from a possible injury or illness. “Like old beggars under sacks” Gives the ideas as they are in so much pain they can barely move like […]

I arrive at my nana’s house. As I open the door, a whiff of nana’s home baking catches my nose. My nana is sitting in her usual spot, at the dinner table, by the front of the door, capturing the morning sunlight. The sunlight makes her grey wavy hair shimmer. She is sitting there doing […]

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” -Charles Darwin   Introduction Survival is a task that only some can master. With only the abilities you have, and resources around you. In the film ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ and the ‘Impossible’ and, the […]

The Lake   A short summer’s morning walk, along the harsh jagged path, looking over at the beautiful  rolling mountains; and rocky valley surrounds a glistening lake. Beams of clouds, reflecting over the aqua blue pond, Makes the moment feels so surreal; like a picture out of the frame.   People emerge in their new […]

Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies from heart disease. Which is unfortunately New Zealand’s most common killer. With 172,00 New Zealanders currently living with heart disease. Today i am going to be talking to you about heart disease. And how New Zealanders can prevent the risk of heart disease. Smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity […]