14th June 2018

127 Hours Reading Response 3

In the film “127 hours” directed by Danny Boyle. He portrays the real-life story of Aron Ralston an engineer who spends most of his spare time exploring a remote canyon in Utah, mountaineering, and adventuring. His story is portrayed by James Franco who acts out his traumatic experience when his arm got trapped under a boulder in the canyon in Utah. The film shows his story of survival and how he managed to stay alive for 127 hours with the minimum food and water that he had for that day. He used engineer problem-solving skill to survive and get at with only one arm.

The film is about how Aron Ralston who uses his survival skills to be here today. His story shows me how determined he was to get out of there alive, even through all the challenges he had to face like questioning his life decisions, and all the symptoms for limited food and water. But how did this happen? It started as a normal day getting ready to go out to adventure around the canyon. He ignored a phone call from his sister a packed up his gear misplacing one vital piece, his swiss army knife. Which without that he would have probably gotten out sooner. When he got to the cannon it felt like a normal day he went exploring and let his hypoactive, overconfident side came out as he showed off to some lost girls to some cool spots that he had found. But once he left the girls he went exploring at a new canyon and he slipped and fell with a boulder following him closely behind, traping his right arm. He barely reacted to his ordeal he just went straight into survival mode trying to set his arm free. But if I was in his situation I would be freaking out right now I wouldn’t be calmly setting my arm free. This shows how much skills he has with being in this unthinkable situation. How he didn’t let this get him; until he had done everything in his power to set himself free. He used skills he must have learned over the years adventuring to be able to survive 5 days with limited food and water.

He used many skills to survive which showed me how much skills he really knew. This showed me how determined he was to set his arm free and live out his regrets but it did not come easy for him. The first thing he tried was pushing the rock of him using all his body weight but that did not work. Then he decided to use a cheap knife he had with him to chip away at the rock. Hoping set his arm free, which of course was unsuccessful. It must have been so hard for him to keep going after many failed attempts.  But it did not stop him from chipping away at the rock. But throughout his whole experience, he filmed vlog style clips telling whoever found it what sit situation he was in and who he was. Throughout his time trying to free his arm and stay alive with little food or water he compilated his life decisions that lead him to this point. His regrets he had made the biggest one being not telling anyone where he is going and for how long. This must of showed how confident he is in his ability to defend himself. But it backfired on him and left him in an unthinkable situation. Which would have made the situation even worse knowing that if he had just told his boss, his friends or family where he was going he may have gotten out sooner. This would have been very hard for me dwelling on his mistakes that led me to this situation knowing that I could have done something about it.  Another regret which circled through his mind during this time was not spending enough time with his family and ignoring his mother and sisters calls. By this time he must have had such a negative mindset knowing that he was probably not going to get out alive. With his mind all over the place, he must have made it so much worse because he thought he would never be able to go to his sister’s wedding or see his family again.  Over the 127 hours being down there he also took into an encounter the things he would miss out on like the party he was invited to by some girls he meet well on this trip. As well as his sister’s wedding and lastly what his future may have been like. In the sense of marrying someone and having kids. But he knew that he must do something about this. He had so much to live for but he was and could barely move. Well, he was chipping at the rock he accidentally cut he had he couldn’t feel it this made him think he may have a chance to be able to get out of here after all, by cutting his arm off. This made me think of what I would be like in a situation, honestly, I don’t know but I feel like I would start by freaking out. I would probably be thinking the worst then I would probably take the time to look over my life decisions. I would think about my family my friends and the life that I would miss out on if I do nothing about this situation.  After that my It fight or flight mode would have probably set in.

Hallucinations where a huge part of his experience he imaged things that he wanted to experience or things that happened but he regretted like the party he was invited to by the girls who he showed the directions to. He was invited but had fallen down and could go so he imagined what it would be like if he was there. He imaged it so detailed he believed it was so real due to having a lack of food or water. He imaged his close family and friends sitting on a couch right in front of him so close that if he walked a few feet he would be able to touch them he could talk but no one would respond. To me, if I had these hallucinations it would feel like torcher knowing they are right in front of you but they are not really where your mind is just playing tricks on you. On that seat there was also a woman and kid and him the future in this sense it would have been a wake-up call knowing that if he gets out of there alive that it’s future that’s who he needs to get back to his friends family and his possible new future family. For this part, in the film, the mother-child and him sitting there was the real Aron Ralston and his family which showed me the reality of his story. Another hallucination he had was that it started raining heavily pouring down and he fulled up his bottle refreshing himself. He put his head up drink the water. Then the pressure of the rain released the bolder and he was free and he swam away to his ex’s house. This showed another one of his regrets of leaving people out not letting them in until they are gone. But he got rejected by her in this hallucination. So many things affected him to make the decision to cut his arm both good and bad his experience made me think of all my regrets and how there nothing I can do about but move on. I can’t change the past but what I do next will affect the future.

On the hours leading up to his big decisions to amputate his own arm he had run out of food and water and was left to drink his pee. This really showed how desperate he was at this time and how he was so dehydrated he had to drink his pee. With him being in this state of hunger and dehydration this meant he had nothing left to lose as he knew he would probably die soon. So with this, he decided it was time to attempted to amputate his arm. Which in no way would this of been an easy decision for him. I can’t imagine how hard this would have been for him knowing that once he does this his arm will be gone forever and there is no going back he can’t fix this like he can fix his mistakes. When he had the courage to cut his arm off the gruesome scene showed him breaking 2 of his bones and then cutting his arm off.  But due to having no blood flow through his are the pain would have been not as bad but still unbearable at the same time depending on where he cut. This would be a whole lot worse as he was not 100% with it due to the circumstances he was in.

This story was so remarkable as it captures the real story of Aron Ralston and how he amputated his own arm and survived 127 hours with a boulder on top of his arm and limited food. It shows a side to him that him that he had never seen before. In made him wake up to what was going on around him. Once his fight or flight mood set in it showed how determined he really is. He is truly courageous, Nobel, full of physical and emotional strength, and has great willpower. His story of survival is truly inspirational and shows how much we take things for granted and how we don’t do everything with our uttermost respect. James Franco did an amazing job acting throughout the film. Portraying the brutal ordeal that Aron went through. I believe by Aron Ralston has this happened to him it has changed him for the better. His Hypoactive, Overconfident self-has turned into the courageous nobleman he is today. I would recommend this Film due to the amazing acting and filming of the movie and the inspiring message it leaves you with to never give up no matter how high the odds are against you. Although this film does show the real gruesome side and has a bit of swearing. But this makes the film so much more realistic but I would not recommend it for people under the age of 14-15 but older than that it is great for anyone older than that as it is a great portrayal.

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