14th June 2018

127 hours reading response

In the film “127 hours” directed by Danny Boyle. He portrays the real-life story of Aron Ralston an engineer who spends most of his spare time exploring a remote canyon in Utah, mountaineering and adventuring. His story is portrayed by James Franco who acts out his traumatic experience when his arm got trapped under a boulder in the canyon in Utah. The film shows his story of survival and how he managed to stay alive for 127 hours with the minimum food and water that he had for that day he used engineer problem-solving skill to survive and get with only one arm.

The film is about how Aron Ralston uses his survival skills to be here today. His story shows me how determined he was to get out of there alive even through all the challenges he had to face like questioning his life decisions and all the symptoms for limited food and water. But how did this happen? It started as a normal day getting ready to go out to adventure around the canyon. He ignored a phone call from his sister a packed up his gear misplacing one vital piece his swiss army knife. Which without that he would have probably gotten out sooner.


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