25th June 2018

2.1 Written Text Essay

Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text(s)

Symbolism in the text: Colour, Books, Death


Black: Death always present who tells Liesel’s story – dark figure taking away the life of characters but he is also different. because he not stereotypical he almost preparing people for death because it happens to everyone. Rudy pretending to be Jesse Owens. Max hiding in the dark

White: Scene where Werner Meminger dies and has to be buried in the ground covered with snow. Cold, chilling, physical effects, sick, no food, hungry (Liesel and Rudy), Max is cold in hiding (pneumonia), Rudy being brave and going into the water, Frau Hermann punishing herself for her son who died frozen (she thinks).

Red: Blood of people, Nazi Germany flag, power, danger.

Structure of each point: State the point, then explain with background details to the text, then quotations, then relate back to your symbolism and what it shows.

Black colour symbolism is used to show the idea of diversity. This appears when Rudy a 10-year-old boy who lives in an era where he is ruled under the authority od Aldof Hitler. He decided to run around a field covered in charcoal pretending to be Jesse Owens. But because of the era he grows up in and being diverse wasn’t okay especially if you are Jewish or black.

The lines that tell the reader this are “He smeared the charcoal on, nice and thick till he was covered in black. Even his hair received a once-over.” This one thing turned into a huge situation as rudy father came to find and because of the era, Rudy lived in ruled by Hitler he this was considered to be something you should never do. This shows how different rudy era really is because if we were to run around covered head to toe in charcoal it not necessarily a bad thing. But because Hitler believed being black or a Jew is a bad thing. Once Rudy’s father saw him he was astonished to find his son had smeared charcoal over himself as it was not normal. He thought that with having 6 kids there had to be one bad egg and from that situation, Rudy must have been the bad egg. Rudy’s father grabbed him by his ear and dragged him across the field. But the black paint in his ears rubbed off on him and he let go and tried to rub it off himself as being black was considered to be a disease, not a race. Which really shows how much the world has changed. In this part of the book, it also shows the idea of darkness. This appears when Rudy is outside running around the field. The line that tells the reader this is “The moon was sewn into the sky that night. Clouds that snitched  over it.” “darkness sky with the moon and the clouds watching tightly.” This represents the colour black because it shows the reader the idea of darkness and adds to the feeling and the mood in the book.

The colour black is also used to show the idea of hiding in the dark. This appears when Max is hiding in the Humbemanns basement from the Nazis so they wouldn’t take his away as he was a Jew. The lines that tell the reader are “A small black room, in it sits a jew. He is scum. He is starving. He is afraid. Please try not to look away.” These lines tell the reader what it is really like for max hiding in the small black room hiding from the outside not being able to move no more than around the room given whatever little food Rosa could give to him as well as feeding her family. The black to me represents the gloomy feel to the room the darkness as they could not turn a light on cause then people will know someone is hiding out in there. The black also makes me think about how he is hiding out and must have this constant feeling of someone finding him and the black feeling is the feeling of darkness not knowing what will happen to him or the Huberman’s if they find him.

White colour symbolism is used to show the idea of the cold weather. This appears when Liesel brother Werner Meminger dies and is buried in the ground covered in snow. The lines that tell the reader this are.. This gives the reader the idea that it’s cold and the condition that had to bury him in.

Red colour symbolism is used to shoe the idea of blood. This appears …. The lines that tell the reader this are……..

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