8th March 2018

2.4 Wilfred Owen


plot analysis:

In the poem “Exposure” written by Wilfred Owen. He using a personification to give the reader the idea that nonhuman objects have human qualities. As shown in the opening lines of the poem. “In merciless iced winds that knife us.” By breaking this sentence down I am able to get a better idea of what he is meaning. He uses the word “merciless” which means to show no mercy. But because he is using  “merciless” to describe the wind it becomes a personification. I believe Wilfred Owen is trying to get at is that The wind is so miserable that it actually causing physical pain. I know this because he uses the words “iced winds that knife us.” This states that the wind is so cold that when it blows it actually causing physical pain to them. By breaking down the poem I now get a clear example of what is going on just by the author using a personification. That the wind is so cold and powerful it causes physical pain to the body and the wind will not stop even though the soldiers are so cold and in pain. By Wilfred Owen using the personification, it makes the sentence have human-like qualities that make you engage in what is going on.

In the poem ” Anthem of doomed youth” written by Wilfred Owen

. In the opening lines, he uses a personification in the sentence “in the merciless iced east winds that knife us.” He used it to make nonhuman objects have human qualities. Wilfred Owen uses the word “merciless” which means show no mercy to give the nonhuman object the wind human-like qualities. He says the wind is so strong it has no mercy on him and the other men. He says “east winds that knife us.” Which means the wind is so cold that it is actually causing physical pain to Wilfred and the men and show no mercy on them. I believe that he is trying to say that even though the men are fighting at war not only does the opposite countries so no mercy on them but the wind is not either. The wind causes pain due to the severity and how it is so ice cold it will not show pity on them. By him giving the sentence human qualities it gives it a whole new meaning.

I believe Wilfred Owen is using a personification to explain what he is going through. By breaking down the poem so I get an idea of what Wilfred Owen is trying to explain. By him using the pe

anthem of doomed youth
















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