22nd February 2018

-Anthem for Doomed Youth

What has been included?

“What passing-bells for those who die as cattle?” Gives the reader the ideas that many important people have died. It is shown in the sentence when it starts off by talking about the passing bells. Passing bell represent that someone has died, who is possible high up or significant in some way, as the bells are a sign to the world of a death. When it says” for those who die as cattle.” Gives me the idea that it is more then one has died a group. I get this idea when it says “those who die.” Stating that more than one person has died.  But then it stays “die as cattle.” Which gives me more of an idea that more than one person has died. I gave me the idea that a group of people has died because was said they died as cattle. This is due to the number of cattle which is a lot so it referred to the possible mass of people who have passed away.  “Bugles calling for them from sad shires.” Was another sentence which was included in the poem. Which gives me the ideas that the people who have died are most likely in the military as bulges are mostly played at military funerals. “The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells”  Shows that the men who are dead could quite possibly be soldiers but is not included in the poem but it’s just an assumption at the moment. I get this idea because it says “demented choirs of wailing shells.” What shows the choirs of wailing shells which is believed that it’s about the bullet shell going through the air. I fell like by the author saying this he is stating a point that the deaths of these people are due to being shot. The author has included all this but has excluded the main thing so we have to read the words to know what he is talking about.


A simile is a comparison using “like” or “as”. Such as in the sentence “There who die as cattle” This sentence gives the reader the idea of the people who die as cattle which in my opinion means people who die in mass numbers. Like we all know how cows die in a slaughterhouse, which gives me the idea of how much people have died in this poem. Wilfred Owen uses this to represent the way they died in a mass number. If you think about it a large amount of cows are taken into the slaughterhouse and killed by someone for the purpose of meat. And Wilfred Owen refers to the people who die as cattle, which makes me think a large group of people who have been killed by someone on purpose for a particular reason.


A personification is giving non-human objects, human qualities. Such in the sentence “Choir of wailing shells.”  This sentence gives the reader the idea of referring to the war as the choirs who sing at the funeral they refer as

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