In the song “Million Reasons” By Lady Gaga. This song really opens my eyes because initially when I heard the song I didn’t think there was a deep meaning. But after focus on the song and research the song I have got better understanding and idea of her situation as she is talking about a relationship she is and it isn’t going well which is a really relatable situation which happens to many people throughout there life.  She sings about how he keeps messing up and she can’t take it anymore and the reasons for leaving him are building up. Hence why the song is called ‘Million Reasons’ as there are a million reasons for her to walk away but she is looking for one to stay.

I enjoyed this song because Lady Gaga did an amazing job and it was so well written and worded the meaning isn’t relevant to me so next time I probably find one with more relevant to me. But overall it is a good song and is relatable to many couples who are in a similar situation. I really enjoyed Verse one when she sings about the million reasons. I feel like she is trying to get at when she is singing this is even though there are a million reasons for her to leave but there is something holding her back. I liked the way she worded it because it really made them especially since she used it as the name of the song. I also liked verse 2 where she sings about ” Head stuck in a cycle, I look off and I stare It’s like that I’ve stopped breathing, but completely aware” This really made me think but I think she is talking about her emotions and what she is going through. I feel like if I was in her situation I would feel emptiness and hopelessness which I feel like that is what she is feeling at that time.  But the bit that really got me was the part “I’ve stopped breathing, but I’m completely aware. ” This got me thinking but I believe she feels like she is there but she not. Its like she is stopped in time but the world is still going around her as she watches her life steamer out of control.

Another part of the song that honestly made me think as feel for her.  in the part of the song where she sings “And if you say something that you might even mean it’s hard to even fathom which parts I should believe” I feel like she has talked about that’s he has lied so much to her and now she doesn’t know when he is telling the truth. Which must be so hard on her and it is so relatable because having someone who you don’t trust puts an emotional toll on you especially if it someone you are in a relationship with. By her saying this shows one of her million reasons why she shouldn’t be with him. But in saying this despite his many lies and all his million mistakes he has she still loves him and continues to give him second chances which must be hard as he continues to let her down.  But she says right at the end “I just need one good one to stay” Which shows she hope but deep down she knows its over but she is finding it hard to let him go because she loves him even though he has hurt her so much in an emotional way. This song is so relatable to many young people and you don’t realise it till to break it down.

After listening to the song and comprehending the deeper meaning of the song it really made me think how relatable it is towards many people and until you break it down you really don’t know the whole story of what is happening. In my opinion, Lady Gaga did an amazing job with the song as she captured what she was trying to get out of this song. It was so well captured as she was not giving us the sad truth to make us cry but she gave us cry and feel sorry for her but she put it they to tell people that you are not alone and people go through similar things like you. Be her being able to produce a song but being able to portray it in a way where she shows a vulnerable side too and shows that’s okay to show that you vulnerable as everyone is.

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