In the self-help book “Staying stylish” Written by Candace Cameron Bure. Candace tells the reader about her love for fashion. She tells us her tips and best keep secrets for staying stylish. Candace is best known for her role as Dj Tanner on full house and later fuller house. She is known for numerous hallmark movies. She has also written numerous books. Candace has been right in the public eye from a young age so it has been important for her to stay stylish both on the outside and the inside. This self-help book tells teachers the reader about so much more than just fashion but how to be stylish in the inside too.

This self-help book shows us Candace’s secrets to staying stylish she talks personal style, hair, makeup, well-balanced diet and fitness regime and a well-nourished spirit. Candace’s book is a real eye-opening book it makes you rethink a lot.

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