In the self-help book “Staying stylish” Written by Candace Cameron Bure. Candace tells the reader about her love for fashion. She tells us her tips and best keep secrets for staying stylish. Candace is best known for her role as Dj Tanner on full house and later fuller house. She is known for numerous hallmark movies. She has also written numerous books. Candace has been right in the public eye from a young age so it has been important for her to stay stylish both on the outside and the inside. This self-help book tells teachers the reader about so much more than just fashion but how to be stylish in the inside too.

This self-help book shows us Candace’s secrets to staying stylish she talks personal style, hair, makeup, well-balanced diet and fitness regime and a well-nourished spirit. Candace’s book is a real eye-opening book it makes you rethink a lot. I love this book and her other books because they are great for anyone. As she talks about relatable and relevant things that everyone needs to know. For me Really enjoy fashion and looking at every new trend and things that work best for me. But her books made me think more about staying stylish as it wasn’t just about what you look like on the inside but what you look like on the outside. Which is something that we don’t talk about very often. Because many people look good on the outside but not necessarily on the inside where it matters the most in the end. This book actually made me open my eyes to the way I’m living as I don’t always act or react in the way I should towards things and it really affects the way feel. She talks about things people can do to feel good in the inside as well as the outside. I really enjoyed this section of the book as it made me think about my actions and that I am not always stylish on the inside and that is something I need to work on.

When Candace talks about staying stylish on the outside she is not trying to tell you how you should look but guide you to your style. Which is very good. I wrote down a lot of notes when reading this section of the book because she started with the basics and how you can make a basic outfit look stylish just by adding a cute jacket, shoes or even so assessors.  She also talked about how you don’t have to look stylish by having expensive clothing. But in saying this she isn’t an expert but someone who is passionate about fashion. With her being in the public eye all the time she needs to keep he appearance up and she gets a lot of tips from her stylers so has learned a lot by just observing and experience as she found her style. From being in the spotlight since she was a kid she has a lot of experience.

Basics were my favourite topic as she talked about the staples that you should have in your wardrobe. By having staple clothing items you can create multiple looks with the same few items. You can dress them up and down just by switching it up. This was very helpful it showed I lacked many basics that I would use regularly if I had them in my wardrobe. In saying this she is not saying you should buy all these items and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on them. But its guide to show you what works for her and she would recommend it to the readers. This book made me think of how much fashion has become apart of an everyday life. As Candace has to keep her appearances up as she is an actor. But trends are such a growing thing which people are constantly trying to keep up with. For example, in Wanaka, we lean towards Huffer, Stussy or brand like that. But Candace tries to keep up with trends but mixes it with her own style. Which I really like to still be able to keep up with trends but add my signature style.

Candace Cameron Bures book was a book I would read again as it had so many good tips in it what would help me. This book to me was one of those books that I just want to keep reading and not put down. But it isn’t for everyone because it mostly targeted at women but also not everyone’s cup of tea. I would definitely read it again and I would like to read her new book ‘Kind is the new classy’ as it links quite well with staying stylish as it talks about in a way staying stylish in the inside. She also has many other books that I would like to read as it really opens my eyes and her books and very genuine and are topics that I enjoy and would read again and again. I would recommend it to others as I enjoyed it that much. After all the books I have read I would have to say that this is your favourite book. I think it comes down to it being a well written and a topic that I enjoy.

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