22nd May 2018

Book thief colours


Black: Black to me represents 2 main things. One being from a quote in the when Rudy paints himself black with coal and ran around the field so he would be like Jesse Owens.“He (Rudy) smeared the charcoal on, nice and thick, till he was covered in black. Even his hair received a once-over.” p.58 To me this makes me think of him being so innocent not knowing that in that time that this considered wrong and something you should never do because he was lucky enough to have blonde hair and blue eyes. But Rudy was not going to let that stand in his way He wanted to be like Jesse Owens because he was the fastest man alive it didn’t care that he was black but that he could run. He must of thought this out because he covered most of his body his hair and even the inside of his ear. He had thought this out so much that  “He’d hidden a few pieces of extra charcoal, in case some of it wore off later.”Which showed he had thought this out and knew what he was doing this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing but something he had thought out. To add to the feels of what he was doing the atmosphere around him was described in the book lik“The moon was sewn into the sky that night. Clouds were stitched over it. (darkness covers light)” “darkness sky with the moon and the clouds watching tightly.” This made the mood quite dark and gloomy and added to the feel of the colour black and Rudy running around in thick layers of charcoal trying to be like Jesse Owens.  But the thing that got me thinking about the colour black was when Rudy Papa came to find him he was ashamed of his son and when he went to grab his ear he got black charcoal on his fingers and treated being black like a disease. The other side of black was when Max was hiding in the darkness until it was safe to move to Molching.

White: White represents to me



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