The characterisation in the Book Thief

Liesel: Liesel Meminger also known in the book as the book thief because of her love of books. She is a 9-year-old girl but by the end of the book, she is around 15 years of age. Liesel is a strong girl and if she wants something she goes for it. She and her brother get taken into a foster family. But on the trip to her foster family, her brother dies. At her brothers burying one of the gravediggers dropped a gravedigger’s handbook so she took it. This book became sentimental to her as it was a symbol of where she last saw her brother and is were her name the book thief started. I Learnt many things from Liesel but the main one being that she was a determined girl and if she wanted something she will go for it.

Hans: Hans Hubermann also known in the novel as Papa. He is a gentle caring man who took Liesel under his wing to teach her how to read or write. Hans was a painter by trade so down in the basement he put an alphabet on the wall so that when Liesel learnt a new word she could put it there this really showed how big his heart was and how much he cared about her. 

Rosa: Rosa Hubermann also known in the novel as Mama. She Is a grumpy strong woman who has built herself out to be someone to fear. But deep down she has a heart even though she doesn’t show it that much but she had a soft spot for Liesel and isn’t as strong as you may think. One part of the text I found made me get a better understanding of her and shows that she does care. Was when she came into Liesel’s school to tell her that Max had woken up. She stormed in and demanded to see Liesel. But to Liesel’s amazement, she wasn’t there to tell her off or to tell her bad news about Max. But good news that Max had woken up. This part of the text really showed that she does care. But she needed to keep her reap that she is feared by others. So she needed to wipe Liesels grin off her face so she grabbed her by the ear and dragged her back into the classroom telling her off. This really shows how she had a soft spot for Liesel and that she does have a heart even though not many people knew this. 

Rudy: Rudy Steiner was Liesel’s neighbour and best friend. Ever since he saw him he had a big crush on her and it lasted right through to the end. He was known for painting himself black and running around the track at Hurbert Oval pretending to be Jesse Owens. But because his family was German and follower of Hitler being a jew or being black was considered to be bad. But Rudy in those days was so called lucky because he was blonde with blue eyes. But he was so intreged he just wanted to be like Jesse Owens because he was the fastest man alive he didn’t care whether he was black or white. This shows me a deeper understanding of who he is he doesn’t judge a 


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