8th November 2017

Creating a character

I arrive at my nana’s house. As I open the door, a whiff of nana’s home baking catches my nose. My nana is sitting in her usual spot, at the dinner table, by the front of the door, capturing the morning sunlight. The sunlight makes her grey wavy hair shimmer. She is sitting there doing the code cracker in the Otago daily times, with her morning coffee by her side. With the delight of my arrival, she gets up and her baby blue eyes sparkle with joy, and she smiles and gives me a big hug and kiss. My nana was short, she wasn’t tall she was quite petite, and she was only a little over 5 feet. In mornings when I arrived I remember she was always wearing her wine coloured slippers, and a simple shirt and, her little black or grey cardigan, also a pair of her three-quarter pants. Nana was a simple woman she enjoyed the simple life. She had her morning black coffee her porridge, and toast with jam. Her house was always tidy. She had a huge open plan living space. I remember when I was younger, nana and I use to dance around the living space. We would jump around doing leaps and twirls. Nana also had a big yard, which she spent most of her time trying to maintain. She used to hate it if her house or yard wasn’t clean or maintained. I use to help her, by getting the maroon scissors, and I cut the flowers out of the lawn, so no one would get stung. She would always pay me for doing this. Nana was a very kind, honest and respectful women. Who valued her family and others above herself. If anyone disrespects her values of honesty and respect. You would know when you have, you could tell when you did wrong. But she never got angry,  she had a calm voice and would tell us we have done wrong. I remember when we had done wrong she would say “ I have a bone to pick with you.” which you just knew you had done wrong. This was my nana.


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