9th August 2018

Praying Reading Response 5

In the song “praying” Written and sung by Kesha. She sings about the pain that she has gone through, and that she wants people to know that she has found peace with everything and she just wants to put her past behind her and move on. She mentions a lot about how she has become stronger from the court case she is inspiring towards her fans as it shows that things happened to everyone. Life not perfect but by taken time to get stronger and not spend her time dwelling on what has happened she took it by the horns and let her self-become stronger.

The song is about how she has become stronger from all the pain that she has gone through from the unknown person she refers to as you. She doesn’t necessarily mention who you is but it is believed to of been  Doctor Luke. Who had she just spent several years trying to free herself with a contract with him. Which she alleges him to of drugged and sexually assaulted her when recording. Even though it never got proved in court, I believe Kesha was trying to get closure by writing this song. In the first verse, I feel like she is trying to say that despite the battle in court with him and how it has put a physical and mental strain on her she thanks him for making her stronger. These following lyrics in the first verse show an act of renounce she has towards Doctor Luke. “I can thank you for how strong I have become.” These lines I liked because I believe she is trying to say that she is showing an act of renounce towards Doctor Luke due to the battle she has had with him and that she has learned to be stronger and find her better self. This shows me how far she has come and how she has taken a s**t thing that has happened to her and has not dwelled on for a long time but made peace with it. By her expressing this in her music for everyone to hear it shows really how far she has come and how strong this has made her.

I also liked the pre-chorus as she opens up to us a bit more giving us more information about what ‘You’ did to her which hints her fans that she is talking about her battle with Doctor Luke. She mentions how he has put her through hell, but it has taught her to fight for her self. So that she can see the stronger better version of herself that she has been hiding behind her insecurities. By her singing this and letting her emotions out to the world I believe this would also make her stronger. Because it must have taken a long time to build up the courage. So that she could let the world know that after not producing music for a while well she has been going through one of the hardest things she has experienced she shows that you can get back up. That life sucks sometimes but you can come to peace with it. The pre-chorus makes me think of how she now has my strength in herself but over ‘you’ as well. She says “And we both know all the truth I could tell” Which makes think of the power she has over him as she knows what he has done even though the jury could not confirm.

The chorus mentions that she has found peace she has made and that she hopes that ‘you’ will find his peace. Which once again shows the strength that she has as even though he has put her through the hell she hopes that he finds peace like she has. Maybe she says this because she hopes he won’t do what he did to her to anyone else. I fell like she is speaking to others as well in a similar situation. Trying to say that she has found peace she still has a long way to go but it gets easier you can find peace too. Even though we don’t know what she is trying to say but we can assume that she wants people to know it will take a while for you to forgive them and you may never do. You may never be 100% the same but she has found peace and you can too no matter your situation feel like the whole chorus she is trying to say that she hopes he will become a better person but i feel like she doesn’t necessarily want him to change but she just wishes him peace.

One line that I love is in verse two. it says I’m proud of who I am, no more monsters, I can breathe again. I believe what she is trying to say after everything that has happened and all the stress that ‘you’ has put on her both physically and mentally it has put a strain on her but now she is stronger now and has the ability to fight the devil inside of her and is able to escape all the emotions that this trial and pass year has had on her. She states how she has found strength in that she never knew she had so that she could fight had been able to get to where she is today.

This song is a very deep song and unless you know Kesha’s background you wouldn’t think about the depth she has gone into to write this song. How it would have taken a lot of strength for her to be able to write and sing and produce this song. Because if you knew the state she was in during the trial she has come so far both physically and emotionally. This song is a great song and what recommend anyone to listen to it. Before I studied this song I never really paid much attention to it but Until your break it down you never really know what is going on. Kesha did an amazing job when writing this song because it must have taken a lot of strength to do so.  

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