“The gravedigger’s handbook”: This book represents to Liesel the last time she saw her brother and mother at the burring of her brother. She took this book as a symbol so that her brother would always be with her because she has nothing else to remember him of. This shows that Liesel is quite symbolic and takes one book that the gravedigger dropped and turns it into something that she can remember her brother from and keep in close to her heart. This book also represents the first time she stole a book and her name the book thief originates from. It also represents where her love of books and was the first book she learned to read. The gravedigger’s book is also a representative that death is always with her due to the name of the book and that she uses it as a symbol of her brother’s death. This book represents many feelings of loss and sadness she had toward her brother and even her mother.

“The shoulder shrug”: The Shoulder shrug represents Liesels connections to Hans and the mayor’s wife Frans Hermann. When Liesel recovered the book from the burning flames Frans Hermann saw her and didn’t do anything about it. It was like she just shrugged her shoulder and moved on. But at this time Liesel had no idea if she will tell. This shows that Liesel values her love of reading over whether or not she will get in trouble. Soon after this, she had to deliver some washing Rosa had washed but Liesel did not know whose house it was. When Liesel realized it was Frans Hermann a fair of what she might say came on her. But due to Liesel’s surprise, Frans must have just ignored it like a shrug of her shoulder. This could be due to her having lost her son already and didn’t want the risk another child to be taken away. This book represents the connection of Frans and Liesel’s secret and their love of books. this book also represents Liesel and Hans secret. When Liesel took the book she hid it under her jacket but Hans found it and didn’t do anything about it was just like her shrug his shoulder as he knew of her love of books. This book represents the connection that Liesel has with Frans and Hans due to the secret she has with them. This book shows that Liesel is quite rebellious to Hitler and the Nazis. Her desire to read goes against everything else. it shows that we take many small things for granted like having classes and houses full of books.

“The dream carrier” The dream carrier represents to me how Liesel’s dreams were able to read and write what she could not do. Until now this book represents her love of books and how she has carried on with her by stealing books from people. And never let this feeling go away. It didn’t necessarily say in the book thief that it was who dream but I fell like it interoperates into it. I fell like her love of books has always been there but she never acted on it to then she carried her dream to read and she did. I also fell like this book also represents her friendship with Max as she read him this books as he was sleeping in his coma. The dream carrier is about an abandoned child who wants to become a priest. Which to me represents new beginnings as she read it to Max when he was in a coma it gave him hope as she was scared he would die.

“The song of the dark”: The song of the dark represents to me how Liesel has taken the books and is now living in the dark. She has done this and there is no going back now. People have also kept her secrets from her stealing the shoulder shrug. This book also I fell like it represents to Liesel independence and confidence as it was her first book she stole on her own. She also steals the book because it is green

“The standover man”: The standover man represents death always standing over Liesel and all her family and friends. He is always there whether the like it or not. Rudy also has his own standover man Hunger. It says in the text that he is always hungry and because he is one of 5 kids plus his parents there are few foods to go around. So he always has a constant feeling of hunger. It is like hunger is the stand overman standing over him. Hans also has his own standover man. The feeling of one day that his belated friend’s son will come back and he will have to help him hiding him. By having this feeling standing over his shoulder he will never know when it might jump out at him and that this could put his family in jeopardy. This book also Represents Max being Liesels stand overman. As he is there for her. Max could also have his own stand overman Hitler. He always had the fear of Hitler and his men coming for him and taking him away as he was a Jew. This book also represents the friendship of Max and Liesel as he gave it to her as a gift. To cover up his standover man to turn it into something good.

“Mein Kampf”: The book Mein Kampf meaning my struggle represented to me the struggle Max had trying to hide from Hitler and his men. He would have the struggle of watching his back where ever he goes not knowing when they find him. He used the book so people might think he wasn’t a jew. The irony is that Max covers the book with pages of his own struggles. Which turned the book from a book of struggles and hate but one of courage and affection. They also used the book for good as Max camouflaged the book into the “Stand overman”

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